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TERMS of Service

Last Updated December 23, 2021


By receiving and/or accepting this proposal, I hereby declare that:


  1. I am at least 18 years of age and am authorized to represent myself and/or my organization for the purpose of entering into legal agreements. 


  1. I am engaging Vineyard Collective LLC for their services as detailed in the Proposal. The version of the proposal that I am engaging Vineyard Collective for is indicated below and on the cover page of the corresponding proposal. 


  1. I have read and understand every aspect of the proposal and am aware of what is and isn’t included for the specified fees. 


  1. I do intend, upon satisfactory completion of everything specified in the proposal, to pay the agreed upon fees set forth in the proposal. I understand that if I am not satisfied for any valid reason, I am under no obligation to pay. However, I realize that if I do not pay in full, Vineyard Collective LLC maintains ownership and sole possession of any works and materials developed or used in developing this project. Using Vineyard Collective LLC’s work as ideas, derivative material, or ideas suggested by Vineyard Collective LLC constitutes theft of intellectual property and is subject to criminal and civil prosecution. 


  1. I understand that all works created by Vineyard Collective LLC for this project are solely their property until such a time that I pay for them in full. I will not use these works in part or in whole or as the basis of or as ideas for any other works or derivatives thereof. 


  1. I understand that Vineyard Collective LLC may use works and materials developed in the past for other clients or otherwise developed/acquired prior to this engagement as derivatives for this project. I also agree to allow Vineyard Collective LLC to use works created for this project to be used as derivative and precursor materials for other projects. 


  1. I agree to keep this proposal, the fees for this project, any related documents and/or works created by Vineyard Collective LLC, planning and precursor materials/works, strictly confidential. 


  1. I release Vineyard Collective LLC from any and all consequential, direct, indirect or other damages resulting from the design or use of the work product developed. 


  1. I understand that the work product is provided ‘as is’ and that no claims, warranties, guarantees or otherwise regarding the performance or effectiveness of it are made. 


  1. I agree to allow Vineyard Collective LLC to include a linked “Design Credit: Vineyard Collective LLC” credit in the design of the work so long as it is not obtrusive to the design. I reserve the right to approve the nature and location of this credit. 


  1. I authorize Vineyard Collective LLC to use me as a reference and that Vineyard Collective LLC may use screenshots and/or excerpts of the work product, the work product itself, excerpts from emails, direct written or verbal quotes, code and programming, and any other aspect of the service/work product for the purpose of marketing and promotion. I understand that Vineyard Collective LLC’s sales and marketing efforts often make use of other websites, partners, affiliates, and related companies and agree to let Vineyard Collective LLC use my project as portfolio and reference material for these other entities as Vineyard Collective LLC deems appropriate.

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