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ERSA brings 8 years of Federal campaign experience as a Senior Auditor with the Federal Election Commission and 5 years of local campaign races in the greater New Orleans area 

We are in the midst of the most important election cycles of our lifetime. Everything is at stake and we must strategically approach solutions that will better our world. We will have one shot at this. We must make it count.


Vineyard Collective has partnered with E. René Soulé & Associates, an experienced, political campaign management firm with an extensive track record of high impact campaigns to provide full-scale services ranging from marketing to operations.

This dynamic team is not afraid to work on behalf of important causes and candidates who would otherwise be ignored. We know your message is important – win or lose. And we will stand with you every step of the way!

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Campaign Services

Essentials Campaign Kit

Let’s be honest, if you have limited funds, and you have no professional campaign infrastructure, the odds are very much against you. It will be extremely hard to raise money because people will not see you as a credible candidate. Our Essentials Campaign Kit option may be your best bet to be taken seriously as a real candidate.


This kit is for self-starter federal, statewide or local candidates who need a big push, but don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to roll out a campaign.


It can also be used for candidates who want to get an early start to raise money before hiring a full team.



We offer a flat rate service, depending on which level of office you are running for, which includes:


- A professional, fully interactive campaign website (includes donations)

- Online volunteer database system

- Basic campaign logo

- Domain name

Web hosting service for the duration of the primary

- Email service for the duration of the primary

- Social media setup, filtering and configuration on Twitter, Facebook         and Instagram

- Press release design

- Business card & push card design

- High resolution artwork that you can use for 24×18 signs


We are an experienced, political campaign management firm with an extensive track record of high impact campaigns that specializes in federal and statewide candidates, voter referenda (referendums), ballot initiatives and recalls.


Our monthly campaign management fee typically (depending on the campaign type and start up date) includes the following services:

Campaign Management

Campaign Consulting

Social Media Management

Volunteer Management (extra fee)

Professional Campaign Website and Email Service

Dealing With Vendors

Dealing With Media

Answering Phones (We provide an in district phone number)

Answering Emails



The majority of our work is done in-house, under our control which saves you money and headaches.

We also offer services a la carte such as websites, social media, volunteer management and more.


Services We Do Not Provide:

Campaign Treasurer Services



We offer the best in industry social media for political campaigns. Our outstanding social media services are, by far, our most popular service. We focus on INTERACTION and ENGAGEMENT – because that’s what matters.

Our services include initial page page setup, configuration, graphics, posting, replies, responses, and more. Our social media service goes hand in hand with your web presence (website) and working the two together will get you phenomenal results. Integrating the two enables our candidates to collect very important data and grow their list of supporters.

We now offer nationwide (or local) TV advertising on platforms such as Roku, Pluto, XUMO, etc.

HD MP4 format video needed. 30 second spots.

No extra fee for political campaigns.

Ask us about our super affordable rates!

Custom promotional material design and printing including:

business cards

push cards

yard signs


We know exactly how important safe and secure technology is. In fact, we have been building websites and managing web servers since 2002. It’s one of the most important items for political campaigns and organizations. Unfortunately, many consultants and candidates will settle for using cheap providers, just to save a few bucks. Your campaign is far too important to take any chances.


If you are running the kind of campaign or organization that requires secure, private and always available technology such as web hosting and private email service, get in touch with us. We never offshore or outsource.


We offer:

  • Enterprise class web hosting services and management

  • Custom websites

  • Your domain name email service

  • Email newsletter services


We offer a flat rate service and it is fully managed by us, included in the price. 

We offer 24/7 tech support and emergency services at no extra charge.

Make no mistake about it, you will be judged by your online presence.


We have all the tools you need to run a successful campaign website. We can have a professional web presence online for you in a matter of hours, and a complete website in just a few days.

Your new campaign website will include the following:

Your Bio Page

Issues Page

Newsletter Signup Page

Donation Page (PayPal)

Photo Gallery

Events Calendar

A Contact Page

A Volunteer Sign Up Page (optional)

Social Media Icons/Links

Newsletter Signup Widget

Endorsements Page (optional)

Sharing Widget

Business Web Hosting Service for Duration of Campaign Cycle

Professional Email Service @yourname.com for Duration of Campaign Cycle


Every political campaign, big and small, needs volunteers to assist with day to day efforts. But, unorganized volunteers, or people doing whatever they want, whenever they want, does not help a campaign. In fact, it can undermine it. Having a lot of people looking busy but getting nothing accomplished is very common in campaigns, but it won’t help you win.


It is better to have 10 GREAT volunteers than to have 100 who cause chaos and get nothing done.

We can develop your volunteer strategy, help recruit volunteers and interns for you, and put the processes in place for them so you can stay busy on the campaign trail!

Services We Do Not Provide

Treasurer Services

Financial or Banking Services


Data List Sales or Rentals

Party Planning and Events

Campaign Portfolio

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Schedule a 30-minute consultation if you would like to discuss your campaign before receiving a quote.  

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