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I will always keep it simple. I will always keep it relevant.

I will always keep it YOU.


Check out my clients and projects in my portfolio and contact me below if you are interested in working together.

Over my 20 years as a small business owner and over 10 years as a high-level corporate manager, I have acquired a remarkable skillset in just about every aspect of personal and business development. Between developing websites and designing tailored personal and business services, I love providing the right solutions for the right challenge. 


I purpose to help every client maximize their toolkit..

I truly did love my job in education. I got to show up and make a real difference everyday. How? By effecting change in the lives of young people. Their minds are still open and still developing. And even in the age of constant distraction...they desire guidance, encouragement, support and love. Each moment with them was a moment in my legacy. 


My legacy has always been love. And look forward to continuing that journey as we work to grow together.

Ivy Gardner  |  Development Expert

Vineyard Collective

Ivy is a one-of-a-kind professional in that she takes the time to put a personal touch in everything she does. She has an ear for detail and an eye for precision which helps to take the ideas from your mind and bring them into the reality of your vision. Thank you!


—  Aleia G. | Business Owner

Professionally Qualified

Extensive training and continued personal and professional development make our team the very best at what we do. We want you to get even more than you pay for. That is our commitment to you. 

Unbeatable Value

We take great pains to make sure we provide you with the best rates in the industry. We don't just want your business. We want you to want us in your business.

Always Open For You

We provide service when you need service.

Schedule a session anytime.

Literally anytime.

Book a session as soon as 1 hour in advance.





Hotline Consultant
Business Consultation
Creative Work
Making Notes


Reach out. Let us know what you are thinking. What you need. What you want. We can't wait to listen and learn.


We will take the time to design a real, dynamic, valuable solution for you. Let's align our vision.


This is where the real fun begins. We take you from concept to reality in a swift and concise process that we leave you amazed.


Your final product. Your final experience. We will make you proud. We will leave you inspired to do even more.

We will GROW together.

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